Deductible Analysis

Colorado allows insured businesses to pay deductibles on their workers’ compensation  losses.  Your insured receives the normal deductible discount on their premium.  However, losses in Colorado are reduced on the mod worksheet by the deductible amounts (up to a limit set by statute).

WC Analytics computes many aspects of deductibles to help your customers make the best decision for their cash flow.

For your construction insureds, this goes a step further:  often contractors bid on projects where the bid specifications require their mod to be 1.00 or lower.  You could be the agent that shows your contractors how taking a deductible level could lower their mod to the point they are eligible to bid on work.

For your multi-state insured businesses, a deductible  in Colorado can help the total account premium.  For example, a deductible in Colorado could lower their mod by 8-points.  This 8-point mod decrease would then apply to all their states that use the same mod factor (most states).

WC Analytics can even help allocate the deductible costs.  A location that receives the benefit of lower premium due to the mod decrease should also share in the deductible expense.

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