Knowing Excel — Yes, Microsoft Excel — Is Crucial To Making More Money

We use Microsoft Office for your Analysis. Does your company?


Knowing Excel — Yes, Microsoft Excel — Is Crucial To Making More Money

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Forget learning how to code. The tech skills required to get out of the low-wage workforce are actually a lot simpler. Knowing how to use basic software like Microsoft Excel and Word, it seems, are critical to earning a living wage these days, according to a new analysis of the labor market.

Understanding spreadsheet and word-processing software is a baseline requirement in nearly 80 percent of all middle-skill job openings, according to the report, first discovered by Lauren Weber at the Wall Street Journal.

The research, from labor analysts at Burning Glass Technologies with funding from Capital One Foundation, defines middle-skill occupations as those that don’t necessarily require a college degree but pay more than the median national living wage of $15 an hour. These include store manager, retail supervisor and office/administrative assistant. The researchers looked at job listings posted in 2014.

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